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August 11, 1987 The True Blue album was certified five times platinum for 5 000 000 unites shipped in the U.S.

August 11, 2000 Madonna gave birth to her son Rocco Ritchie in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, Los Angeles.

August 11, 2001The Drowned World Tour • MCI Center • Washington, D.C., U.S.

August 11, 2009The Sticky & Sweet Tour • Parken Stadium • Copenhagen, Denmark

August 14, 2020 • Dua Lipa is releasing a remixed version of her song Levitating featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott.

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Madonna, the author Saturday, August 8, 2020 07:42:40

Madonna has shared a very interesting video on her Instagram tonight. She's describing her Blond Ambition Tour costume to a women who's typing the details to a laptop. And the caption is even more interesting: "When you're stuck in a house with multiple injuries what do you do? ... Write a screenplay with Diablo about ... 📖🎥🎬🎤🎼🖤 #nuts #iconic #walk #serve #diablo" That typing woman is Diablo Cody, an American Oscar winning writer, producer, and author. So this might be the new amazing chapter in Madonna's fruitful career.


• Diablo Cody • scénář • Blond Ambition

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Come on, Vogue! Friday, August 7, 2020 08:06:41

Madonna's hit single Vogue from 1990 has finally been released to all digital music platforms. The 30-years-old dance craze is available as a 4-trk. EP including:

  1. Single Version 04:23
  2. 12" Version 08:21
  3. Bette Davis Dub 07:28
  4. Strike-A-Pose Dub 07:36

The song was originally produced by Madonna and Shep Pettibone as a B-side track to her single Keep It Together and after Warner Bros. forced Madonna to release it separately, it sold more than 6 000 000 copies and became one of the most significant singles in discography of the queen of pop.


• Vogue • Shep Pettibone • remixes

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Dua Lipa & Madonna & Missy Elliott Tuesday, July 28, 2020 06:24:53

The English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa reveales on Instagram, she is releasing a brand new remix of her song Levitating on August 14. And moreover and most importantly, it features Madonna and Missy Elliott.

Missy collaborated with Madonna previously on their GAP campaign and its soundtrack Into The Hollywood Groove in 2003. The song has been newly remixed by a DJ called The Blessed Madonna. The album version of Levitating was produced by Stephen Kozmeniuk and Stuart Price. The very same Stuart Price who co-produced the majority of tracks for Madonna's Confessions On A Dance Floor album in 2005.

The rumour about their possible collaboration started on June 29, when Dua's manager Ben Mawson tweeted: "Future Nostalgia is heavily influenced by Madonna. In fact, we're about to try and get Madonna on a record. I'm going to write the email and see if she's up it. Dua's got it all, she's got unlimited potential."

MADONNA NATION.CZ • Dua Lipa, Madonna & Missy ElliottMADONNA NATION.CZ • MadonnaMADONNA NATION.CZ • Dua Lipa

• Dua Lipa • Levitating • Missy Elliott • music • remix

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Madame X Tour in full Monday, July 6, 2020 07:16:57

Madonna is teasing the Madame X Tour video on her Instagram once again! It seems the video is almost ready to be released on DVD and blu-ray soon. Unfortunately, for now, you can watch it speeded up to just 17 seconds.

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• Madame X • Madame X Tour • video, DVD • blu-ray

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Madame X edit Saturday, May 23, 2020 19:32:01

Madonna has teased today something that seems to be the very first shots of the upcoming Madame X Tour DVD!


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• Madame X • Madame X Tour • DVD • blu-ray

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Hung Up • Coachella Wednesday, May 20, 2020 15:57:28

Madonna's full performance of her worldwide smash hit Hung Up at the 2006's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will premiere on YouTube later today.

• Hung Up • Coachella

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Madonna had coronavirus when on tour Wednesday, May 6, 2020 20:07:28

Madonna has just used her Instagram once again to clarify rumor surrounding her recent covid-19-related posts and videos: "Just to clear things up for people who would rather believe sensationalist headlines than do their own research about the nature of this virus — I am not currently sick. When you test positive for anti-bodies it means you had the virus which I clearly did as I was sick at the end of my tour in Paris over 7 weeks ago along with many other artists in my show but at the time. We all thought we had a very bad flu. Thank God we are all healthy and well now. Hope that clears things up for the band wagon jumpers!! Knowledge is power! #covid19"


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• Instagram • COVID-19

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Madonna joins world leaders Tuesday, May 5, 2020 15:53:25

From More than $8bn (£6.5bn) has been pledged to help develop a coronavirus vaccine and fund research into the diagnosis and treatment of the COVID-19 disease. Some 40 countries and donors took part in an online summit hosted by the EU. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the money would help kickstart unprecedented global co-operation. She said it showed the true value of unity and humanity, but warned much more would be needed in the days ahead.

In total, more than 30 countries, along with UN and philanthropic bodies and research institutes, made donations. Donors also included pop singer Madonna, who pledged €1m ($1.1m), said Ms von der Leyen, who set out the Brussels-led initiative on Friday.

The European Commission pledged $1bn to fund research on a vaccine. Norway matched the European Commission's contribution, and France has pledged €500m, as have Saudi Arabia and Germany. Japan pledged more than $800m.

The US and Russia did not take part. China, where the virus originated in December, was represented by its ambassador to the European Union.

Of the money raised, $4.4bn will go on vaccine development, some $2bn on the search for a treatment and $1.6bn for producing tests, the EU said.

In her opening remarks at the summit, Ms von der Leyen said everyone must chip in to finance "a truly global endeavour. ... I believe 4 May will mark a turning point in our fight against coronavirus because today the world is coming together," she said. "The partners are many, the goal is one: to defeat this virus."

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, another co-host of the conference, said the "more we pull together" in sharing expertise, "the faster our scientists will succeed" in developing a vaccine. Mr Johnson, who spent three nights in intensive care with COVID-19, was to confirm the UK's pledge of £388m for vaccine research, testing and treatment during the conference. Along with the European Commission, the conference is being co-hosted by the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway and Saudi Arabia.

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• E.U. • COVID-19

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IDSIF: In memory of Orlando Puerta Saturday, May 2, 2020 07:47:42

Five new remixes I Don't Search I Find have been released recently on various digital media outlets. These include Endor Remix • DJLW Remix • Kue Remix • Chris Cox Remix • Offer Nissim Remix. They join three Honey Dijon remixes released already in December. The remix EP is dedicated to Orlando Puerta, the music executive and Madonna's remix agent, who died of COVID-19 last month.

MADONNA NATION.CZ • I Don't Search I Find

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• I Don't Search I Find • Orlando Puerta • Chris Cox • Endor • DJ Lynn Wood • Offer Nissim • Kue • remixes

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Quarantine Diaries Saturday, May 2, 2020 07:32:50

Taken from Madonna just revealed that she has tested positive for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) antibodies. The singer, 61, shared the news on Instagram Thursday with a video that she dubbed "Quarantine Diaries No. 14." "I took a test the other day, and I found out that I have the antibodies," Madonna said in the noir-themed clip, in which she writes out some thoughts on a typewriter. She added that she plans to spend some time out of her house in light of the test results. "So tomorrow I'm just going to go for a long drive in the car, I'm going to roll down the window and I'm going to breathe in the COVID-19 air. Yup. I hope the sun is shining," she said in the video. Madonna also shared a few photos on her Instagram Story, writing #staysafe and #stayhome over the snapshots.

While Madonna might be confident in her ability to go out and about now that she has tested positive for antibodies, which indicates she was exposed to the virus, the Centers for Disease Control says that just because a person tests positive for COVID-19 antibodies, it does not necessarily make them immune to the virus. "A positive test result shows you have antibodies that likely resulted from an infection with SARS-CoV-2, or possibly a related coronavirus," the CDC says. "It’s unclear if those antibodies can provide protection (immunity) against getting infected again," the CDC says. "This means that we do not know at this time if antibodies make you immune to the virus."


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• Quarantine Diaries • COVID-19 • Instagram

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