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April 16, 2021 MADONNATION.CZ


MADONNA NATION.CZ • NewsMADONNA NATION.CZ • NewsMADONNA NATION.CZ • NewsWelcome to MADONNATION.CZ, a Czech/English website dedicated to the one and only Madonna Louise Ciccone, the best-selling female artist of all time! Despite the original center of interest of the website, whose history dates back to 2003, was music and detailed discography, it's now focused on Madonna's art in general and current news. Although the original language is Czech, about 90 % of the content has already been translated to English. And my work is never done.

April 16, 1985The Virgin Tour • Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall • Portland, Oregon, U.S.

April 16, 2001 Madonna announced shows for the upcoming Drowned World Tour and What It Feels Like For A Girl was released in Europe.

April 16, 2003 VH1 premiered the new "flag version" of the American Life music video.

April 16, 2016 The former Japanese E.P. Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits was re-released on pink vinyl the Record Store Day.

April 16, 2019 The cover art and track-list for the album were released on iTunes and Spotify.

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Let's get unconscious Thursday, March 18, 2021 16:07:16

Bedtime Story is one of the most experimental tracks of Madonna's discography. It's the only uptempo song on her sixth studio album Bedtime Stories, released as its third single in February 1995. It was written by Björk, Nellee Hooper, and Marius De Vries and the demo was re-worked by Hooper, Madonna, and Marius De Vries as an electro-pop song with elements of house, techno, and trance.

After the Erotica backlash, Madonna decided to change her style completely and work with people she had never worked with before. Nellee Hooper, a British record producer, remixer, and songwriter, was one of them. It was him who asked Björk to write a song for Madonna, who liked the singer's Debut album and felt inspired by it. Björk didn't consider herself as a fan of Madonna, but she was intrigued by the offer and decided to accept it. In Mark Pytlik's book, Björk: Wow and Flutter, the singer is quoted saying: "When I was offered to write a song for Madonna, I couldn't really picture me doing a song that would suit her. But on second thought, I decided to do this, to write the things I have always wanted to hear her say that she's never said."

Madonna really liked the demo and the new version she created with Hooper and De Vries and tried to utilize its potential. She promoted the single at the 1995 Brit Awards at Alexandra Palace in London on February 20. Mark Romanek directed a surrealistic music video that became the most expensive music video of its time. Its post-production including many special effects lasted for weeks. On March 18, Madonna held a very special Pajama Party at Webster Hall in New York City, where she read a bedtime story called Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk to her fans and premiered the music video. In April, an additional batch of remixes known as Chapter 2 premiered in clubs, and the vinyl records and CDs of this title became some of the most expensive collectibles among collectors for years.

Despite the song received positive reviews from critics, some of them even called Bedtime Story the new Vogue, its success in charts was very limited. In the U.K. or Australia, the single reached the top 10 in the charts but failed to succeed in the top 40 in the U.S. However, the remixes by Junior Vasquez, brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll a.k.a Orbital, and Mark Picchiotti & Teri Bristol helped Madonna to conquer the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart once again. The majority of their work, including the very rare Chapter 2 mixes, is being released digitally tomorrow, Friday 19, 26 years after the original release.


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When your heart's not open... Thursday, March 11, 2021 16:55:48

After Like A Prayer, that was digitally re-released last week, Frozen is another one among the career-defining milestones in Madonna's discography that are getting their well-deserved recognition these days. After the scandalous first half of the '90s full of sex and controversies, followed by a huge backlash leading to rather unsuccessful, but artistically valuable albums Erotica and Bedtime Stories, Madonna finally gained her so desperately yearned role of Eva Peron and moreover, and most importantly, she became a mother of her first child, daughter Lourdes. These years were like a roller coaster for Madonna, but those events changed her almost like nothing before. And her change of way of life and thinking became more than obvious in her forthcoming work, which had always been partly autobiographical. Although she re-united with her long-time collaborator Patrick Leonard for the majority of the new songs, the album known as Ray Of Light was produced with a successful English songwriter, producer, and Grammy Awards and Ivor Novello Awards laureate William Orbit. Their first single Frozen shocked the world, shocked the fans and proved that Madonna was everything but a fading star of the '80s who was not able to show more talents than just her femininity

Frozen is a beautiful ballad, which sounds like nothing Madonna had recorded ever before. Her powerful and haunting vocals and Orbit's crystal clear strings and ambient beats complemented each other and created sex minutes of ecstasy. 23 years after its original release, tomorrow, on Friday, March 12, Frozen is being re-released as a 10-trk. EP full of remixes by Stereo MC's, Victor Calderone, and Mr. Orbit himself including rare radio edits and drumapellas.

FROZEN (Album Version) • FROZEN (Stereo MC's Remix) • FROZEN (Extended Club Mix) • FROZEN (Meltdown Mix - Long Version) • FROZEN (Widesreen Mix) • FROZEN (Edit) • FROZEN (Stereo MC's Remix Edit) • FROZEN (Extended Club Mix Edit) • FROZEN (William Orbit Drumapella) • FROZEN (Victor Calderone Drumapella)


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Like A Prayer • remix EP out now Thursday, March 4, 2021 15:19:29

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• Like A Prayer • EP • remixes • Pat Leonard • Shep Pettibone • Bill Bottrell • Prince

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Like A Remix Wednesday, March 3, 2021 18:36:43

After a several-months break, Warner Bros. / Rhino Records are back with another wave of digital EP's with a new wave of remixes from the '80s and '90s for streaming and downloads. This year's first release will contain 10 amazing alternate versions of one of the greatest songs created by pop culture - Like A Prayer. Fans will be able to buy or stream mixes by Shep Pettibon and Bill Bottrell, including some not yet commercially available, as early as this coming Friday - March 5.

The tracklist is as following: LIKE A PRAYER (12" Dance Mix) • LIKE A PRAYER (12" Extended Remix) • LIKE A PRAYER (Churchapella) • LIKE A PRAYER (12" Club Version) • LIKE A PRAYER (7" Remix) • ACT OF CONTRITIONLIKE A PRAYER (7" Version) • LIKE A PRAYER (Instra Dub) • LIKE A PRAYER (Bass Dub) • LIKE A PRAYER (Dub Breats)


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Madame X: reshoot • Chapter 2 Monday, March 1, 2021 08:26:07

Madonna spent another day reshooting some of the scenes from the Madame X Tour and shared some of the moments on her Instagram. More videos from her InstaStories can be now found on MADONNAtion's Facebook.

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Madame X: reshoot Friday, February 26, 2021 14:57:49

The story of Madame X is never-ending. Almost one year after the last show, Madonna decided to remove dust from her tour costumes and reshoot some of the scenes! "Happy to be able to step into my costumes after 10 months on crutches-surgery and a host of other physical challenges and they fit! 💦 Phew! ❌"

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Madame Netflix Saturday, February 13, 2021 08:15:44

The directing duo Sasha Kasiuha and VMA Award winner Nuno Xico a.k.a SKNX.TV are one of many collaborators of VANDAL, a newly established media production company. And their first work for the new company is nothing less than Madame X Tour which is now heading for a premiere on Netflix. These news come from "In 2021, music-driven content looks a lot like SKNX.TV. First up is the Netflix documentary chronicling Madonna's Madame X Tour. Coming from the world of film editorial and visual effects, respectively, Nuno and Sasha juxtapose traditional cinematic art form with cutting edge technologies and other mixed media, true create not just a story, but a sensation."


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Madame X Tour video: finished! Tuesday, February 9, 2021 05:51:51

After months of waiting, caused most probably by the covid pandemic, the editing process of the Madame X Tour video moved forward. According to the Instagram account of the queen of pop herself, Madonna and her family have already watched the finished product. It remains still unknown when is it going to be released and how.

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